The mutant walrus of doom...or something like it anyway...
Who we are
The Fredscape Collective is a group of internet, computer and music enthousiasts who decided to combine their knowledge and skills into a single site...the one you see here. :o)

We also host The Fredscape Mod Collective. A bunch of mod-artists who distinguish themselves from the mainstream mod-groups by keeping loyal to their underground taste in music!

Our sick sense of humor expresses itself throughout this site, but you can check fun stuff for specials!

Meendless runt 'u zee Dey:
Ve-a vuoold leeke-a tu recteeffy zee roomuoor thet ve-a hefe-a ell chunged intu poorple-a-freckled mooteted lettooce-a. Ve-a hefen't, et leest, nut seferely. Bork bork bork! Und Ru0D vuoold leeke-a tu unnuoonce-a thet hees smell tue-a hes groon tentecles und seengs unnuyeeng sungs ell dey lung.


...funny little man...

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The Fun Page
Our private depository for our sick humour. Weird stuff happens to crawl out of our brains you know ...

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